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On 24, Okt 2013 | No Comments | In | By crosspoint

Refugee Women Demonstration in Tribunal

In Germany refugee women – asylum seekers and so called „tolerated“ women and their children live for years in the collective homes.
Violence and attacks occur frequently, where difference in power exists. The asylum seeking women are confronted by racist as well as sexist suppression. In additional these intolerable living conditions result often in sickness of women and children.

We feel discriminated and isolated in the Heims. There is no privacy for the refugee women and their children.
We feel discriminated and cut off from the society. The decision to put refugee women into remote collective homes makes us to an object of stereotype dedication. Refugee women are confronted by the fact that men are convinced that refugee women in these isolated residential places are women for their use and will be discriminated and abused by their respectless offers.
Therefore we demand: Women out of these Lagers! Abolish all Lagers!

When the asylum seeking women manage to come to Germany they are confronted with laws which makes their living conditions unbearable. They have to make big efforts to survive in the system, so that no room remains for independent way or life. The asylum system creates a strong dependency.
Many of us have no possibility to learn German. And many cannot find a job or at least some get work that nobody else wants to perform and does not comply with our education.
Therefore we demand: Abolish working restrictions!

Many of us are forced to purchase with vouchers, this means we cannot decide freely what and where we purchase. When we get sick we have to tell the Social authorities that we need medical treatment and why. Another example is the Residenzplicht.
Therefore we demand: Abolish Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz! Medical treatment for all! Abolish the Voucher system! Abolish Residenzplicht!

We fight for our rights as women. We are group of refugee women who identify themselves with refugee problems from a woman’s perspective and fight against laws which are directed against the emancipation of women and children.
It is very difficult, to be respected as an independent group of refugee women and be heard. Therefore we need solidarity to fight together.
Therefore: Let us fight together against racist laws and sexist structures to which refugee women are confronted with everyday.

We wish our sisters and comrades a very successful tribunal and call out to every women to show there solidarity by joining the demonstration and the tribunal.