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On 14, Mrz 2013 | No Comments | In | By crosspoint

Farhad Matin bleibt! Abschiebung ist Mord!

Farhad Matin, a political refugee, who has recently received a negative and deportation decision from migration board in Norway, is a political activist who his daily life is tied up with battles for working class liberation in the society.

Farhad Matin as a revolutionary and communist activist neither has citizenship nor nationality of a country. Although he was born in the city of Tehran, but the Islamic Republic never grants him Iranian nationality because of his Afghan parents. He has always been run-away or under the danger of detention, as a consequence of the fact that he never could be recognized as someone with identity by all the authorities and countries that he has been trying to live in. The last one was Norway, the country with one of the largest democracy in the world who got the Nobel Prize for.

However the only peaceful achievement for him in this country has been a decision to turn him back to a country that not only he has not any relative or acquaintance there, but also he has much difficulty to communicate and speak out with its language. If keeping him in Norway and granting inhabitancy permission is unfair, then it meant turning him back as a communist activist to Islamic Republic of Afghanistan which is in control of aggressive Islamic Mujahedin is fair.

But the irony is that our fellow friend without a home country has thousands of friends in all around the world, everyone has an internationalist and sympathetic image of him because he is the one who attends in every gathering and solidarity demonstration that the struggle flag is erected up there, such as Taking apart in actions for demanding the release of jailed workers‘ activists of Iran, activities on the refugee issue and the racism matters, activity against political Islam which rules in Afghanistan, defending Palestinian fights and any other revolutionary matters in different ways.

It is worth to mention that Farhad Matin is the main author of the Anti-Fascist weblogs in Iran and Afghanistan which have around 19 thousands views. He is also one of the workers and producers of the radio program „Working Room“ which broadcasts to air every week on Canadian Radio Payam. Deporting him away from Norway would be a terrible blow to the working class movement of Iran and the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people.…