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On 02, Mai 2013 | No Comments | In | By crosspoint

Break Isolation Action in Thüringen

The BREAK ISOLATION Solidarity Act Thuringia organized solidary visits to Lagers in Waltershausen and Gerstungen on April 24th as to strike out onto the situations of Roma and Afghan communities.

Roma people are refused from asylum procedure in German Europe as a matter of principle, arguing there can be no recognizable reason for needing refuge from structural discrimination and oppression in European countries. Afghan single (male) refugees are threatened with deportation reducing the ongoing war in Afghanistan to an inner state conflict and constructing so called „safe areas“ like the capital Kabul.

Arriving to the Lager sites the respective ‚responsible‘ managers in charge were trying to tell us off the places as well as forbidding documentation by photo and video. They respectively went as far as calling the police for supporting them to stop us from visiting refugees and our documentation.

Nevertheless we did not step back and documented this events for you in stills and movies, giving way to solidarity that cannot be stopped by so called „authorities“ that are not even able to respect basic human rights!